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Information correct to the best of my knowledge on 2/21/07

As of the date above, the Iowa Northern runs 3 regular jobs and several other extra jobs.
The "North End Job" runs Manly to Bryant Yard 7 days a week. They used to be called at Greene at 8am, but that was abolished and now they have crews called at 7am, 3pm, and 11pm. The crews will take a company vehicle out to the train wherever it happens to be. This was done to insure that cars from up north were making the connection to the "South End Job." Because of this, its purely luck to walk into the area and catch this job.
The "South End Job" is called 7 days a week at 7pm at Bryant Yard. They make up their train and run under the cover of darkness down to Cedar Rapids where they interchange with the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway and the UP. They will get recrewed down in Cedar Rapids sometime around 3am-5am and come back north to Bryant Yard to run a transfer to the UP and then tie up. Lately they've been getting back into Bryant after 9am.
The Oelwein Turn is usually called for around 11am and runs from Bryant yard out to Hawkeye Renewables in Fairbank and return. Some days (usually Tuesdays and Thursdays) they will run all the way out to Transco in Oelwein.
Midwest Bulk on the outskirts of Waterloo will often times get unit trains of potash from Canada. These are interchanged to the UP at Superior, WI and run down to Manly where they are handed off to the IANR. Normally, these trains keep their UP power, but it isn't unheard of to see the IANR put an additional unit on the point of these trains. I have also seen them run a unit potash train combined with the "North End Job," although that is pretty rare too.
Once in a while Cedar Falls Utilities will recieve shipments of coal via the IANR. When this happens the coal cars are left in the interchange yard on the CN along Broadway Ave and the IANR will send which ever crew is available (usually the "South End Job") out to pick up the cars and spot them at CFU. This is done by running out to where the old Rock splits from the IC and runs through downtown Cedar Falls. This usually requires a significant backing move, and portions of this track is street running. These used to run about once every other week, but lately I haven't heard or seen anything for CFU.
Lately IANR has been doing several upgradings of its ROW. This has resulted in periodic ballast trains running out of the quarry in Vinton, and sometimes even unit rail trains. These are hit and miss, and only during construction season.

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