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This job currently goes on duty at 1900 and makes an overnight run to Cedar Rapids. A new crew is called at UP's North Yard sometime between 0300 and 0600, if all is going well, to work Cedar Rapids and then take the train back to Waterloo. After getting back to Waterloo, they then run over to the UP's Linden Yard in Waterloo, and lately I've been seeing them get back to Bryant from Linden around 1000. There are ROCK depots intact at La Port City and Vinton.
The IANR trackage ends at MP 100.9 in Cedar Rapids (north side of Edgewood Road). Just south of this is the UP owned ex-ROCK North Yard, which is where the IANR interchanges mostly the UP Waterloo traffic and the TRANSCO cars at. IANR also interchanges with the CN at the "B Yard" on the ex-MILW trackage in Cedar Rapids, and most of this traffic is soybeans for Cargill. Finally, the normal practice is for the IANR to set out cars for the CRANDIC at the CRANDIC's OR Yard, and then make a pick up at the wye under Highway 30 or at 66th street, although the IANR has made a pick up from just about every CRANDIC track in Cedar Rapids.

Waterloo (Bryant Yard)-Cedar Rapids

Cedar River at Cedar Rapids


Rock Depot at Vinton

La Port City

Downtown Waterloo

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